Accessories and other amenities

A knowledge for herders Thanks to its working methods, the SOB has built over the years its reputation for quality and reliability in the breeding business:

  • Attentive listening of breeders, technicians and veterinarians
  • A careful selection of raw materials
  • Great care taken in producing and finishing products
  • Expertise in the installation of agricultural development

With its experience and its trade “on the ground”, the SOB provides solutions to the new constraints of farms: lack of time and personnel, increasing the size of the herds, new security requirements, it is the new deal consideration for the design of its equipment. The company Self Ovins Bovins can also offer you various accessories and furnishings such as:

  • Surveillance corridors
  • Wood expansion gates
  • Lambing parks to attach directly to cornadis
  • Feeders with or without stockpile
  • Les trough, bucket or salt stone supports
  • Trolleys for round bales or square
  • Crossing bridges from one area to another over the head locks
  • And many other products to discover!