A knowledge for herders

Mechanization of Cattle troughs applies to all types of buildings.

We offer two solutions to better suit your working environment:

  • The mechanization of existing troughs on a concrete corridor with a hydraulic system
  • The mechanization of our troughs CTBH with an electrical system

Widths feeders customized:

  • 1 meter to 1.5 meters wide

Our sheep troughs are designed to be either mechanical or manual. However, it is very easy to automate a manual trough if it was made and installed by us. This option allows to limit the initial costs, leaving you the ability to automate your installations thereafter.

  • Our wooden troughs, curved at the center will minimize waste.
  • Our carpets “embossed” ensure maximum recovery of dirt and limit cleaning troughs.
  • Our programmable control panels allow you to adapt your equipment to your needs.
  • According to the configuration of the building, the supply head of the mechanical feeder may be installed outside the building. This configuration provides real ease of work and time saving since the loading carpet with dessileuse, the mixer bowl, … will be from outside the building: no need to enter the building with the tractor to feed animals!