A knowledge for herders

Our sheep feeders allow the automatic distribution of feed and supplements. Manufacture in North Pin for headlock and wood CTBH to the trough, brings to our feeders the singularity of a manufacturing quality.

The layout for your old or new barn SOB company offer wooden feeders, mechanized and automated.

Our feeders adapt to all the races with our different models of cornadis:

  • Scale – 3 places per meter / 10 places per 3 meters / 5 places per 2 meters
  • Locking particularly for horned sheep – 3 places per meter
  • Guillotine

Customized widths:

  • 500 mm or 600 mm for simple feeders
  • From 700 mm to 800 mm for double feeders (and other feasible dimensions on request)

Adaptable cornadis :

  • We can put the cornadis on our wooden troughs CTBH or on a concrete corridor
  • The raceways positioned on stanchions allow  adding a trolley for round or square bale and optimize the use of mulching head locks in sleeping areas system.

Our sheep troughs are designed to be either mechanical or manual. However, it is very easy to automate a manual trough if it was made and installed by us. This option allows to limit the initial costs, leaving you the ability to automate your installations thereafter.

  • Our wooden troughs, curved at the center will minimize waste.
  • Our carpets “embossed” ensure maximum recovery of dirt and limit cleaning troughs.
  • Our programmable control panels allow you to adapt your equipment to your needs.

Also discover our fixed or mobile Hoppers