Video of a sheep fold in Lozère.

Capture06 You want to plan your new or old barn, and you want to do it custom made ? The company “Self Ovins Bovins” offers wood automated feeders for over 25 years. Whatever your project, whatever your requirements, we will listen and advise you to find all the installation that will facilitate the work. “Self Ovins Bovins” Company is located in Bozouls Aveyron, Roquefort country. The reputation of the SOB goes beyond our region, since we work throughout France and beyond our borders: Spain, Portugal, Greece, Slovakia … The design is done by our research department, the workshop of 2000 m² allows us to then ensure the manufacturing of all products, for installation on site, it is performed by highly qualified personnel, belonging exclusively our company and specialized in the field of wood, metalwork, electromechanical and installation on site. Our business ? carry custom work related to the construction of farm buildings:

  • Feeders installation for sheeps, goats, cattle and horses
  • Hoppers distributing food installation
  • Realization of portals and locksmith related work
  • Study and installation for ventilation and insulation

With our customized products, the SOB meets your needs by customizing your projects. These specific manufacturing allow us to defeat all the environmental constraints of implementation of our products in existing premises. Our specificity: WOOD CORNADIS for:

  • Sustainability in time
  • The removal of corrosion
  • Very low maintenance
  • A quiet working environment
  • An atmosphere more kind, warm and as part of an ecological approach.

Since 1987, SOB helps to facilitate the work of farmers through efficiency, quality and durability of its products. We focus on quality, innovation and service to satisfy our customers.